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Yamuna Sports Complex

Location / Address Surajmal Vihar, Delhi - 110 092
Contact Nos. Reception – 68227182
Email yscdda@yahoo.com
Area 27.5 ha.
Date of Commencement Foundation stone laid by Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 13th June, 1989. Partially opened to public on "pay & play" basis in 1994. Complex inaugurated on 20th July 1999 by VC, DDA.

Brochure (Rules & Regulations)

Membership:Membership is open subject to availability of vacancies. Membership form with a copy of Rules & Regulations can be obtained from the Complex on payment of Rs. 100/- (GST extra). Govt. Servants will get 50% concession in entrance fees for obtaining membership.

Senior citizens above 60 years of age will get special concession for obtaining membership. They pay only 20 percent of the normal entry and 60 percent of monthly subscription.

School and Colleges can book the sports facilities on weekdays except Mondays between 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM at special rates, for team and individual games. For Government and Government-aided schools there are further concessional rates for daily and monthly booking.

Coaching Facilities:The coaching facilities are available for members/non-members on nominal payments in the following sports:- Tennis(Basic, Intermediate & Advance), Skating, Billiard, Multigym, Aerobics, Football, Cricket, Taekwondo, Archery, Fencing, Basketball, Dance, Yoga, Chess, Squash, Badminton, Hockey and Swimming (from 1st February to 30th November only).

Facilities available

Name of facility
1. Aerobics 2. Archery
3. Badminton Indoor & Outdoor 4. Basket Ball
5. Billiards / Snooker / Pool 6. Chess
7. Cricket 8. Dance
9. Fencing 10. Fitness Centre
11. Football 12. Gymnastics
13. Jogging Track 14. Swimming
15. Skating 16. Squash
17. Yoga 18. Volley Ball
19. Lawn Tennis 20. Synthetic Turf Hockey
21. Table Tennis 22. Taekwondo
23. Fencing 24. Snack Bar
25. Sports Shop  

Sports Facility no text Basic Rate Remarks
Individual   23398.31  
Govt. Servant (i/c DDA Staff)   11703.39  
Senior Citizen   4677.97  
Associate Membership   11703.39  
Temporary Membership Indian 2338.98  
Foreigner 4677.97  
Special Temorary (1 Year) and valid for Center Govt. Servant Only   6237.29  
Corporate Membership Indian Company 117000.00  
Foreign Company (in US $) 11703.39  
NRI (in US $)   2338.98  
Foreigner Citizen (in US $)   2338.98  
Casual Indian Citizen 76.27  
Foreign Citizen 237.29  
Guest   59.32  
Student   25.42  
Individual Member Monthly Subscription 211.86  
Dependent Member Monthly Subscription 101.69  
Senior Citizen Monthly Subscription 127.12  
Senior Citizen Dependent (age 60 below) Monthly Subscription 101.69  
Senior Citizen Dependent (age 60 above) Monthly Subscription 59.32  
Associate Member Monthly Subscription 211.86  
Corporate -Indian Monthly Subscription 1076.27  
Corporate-Foreigner (in US $) Monthly Subscription 144.07  
SHM Member Monthly Subscription 211.86  
SHM Dependant Monthly Subscription 101.69  
Foreigner Member (in US $) Monthly Subscription 101.69  
Foreigner Dependant (in US $) Monthly Subscription 25.42  
NRI Member Monthly Subscription 211.86  
NRI Dependant Monthly Subscription 101.69  
Absentee - Member Monthly Subscription 67.80  
Absentee - Dependant Monthly Subscription 42.37  

Note: GST as applicable will be charged over basic rates additionally.

Sports Facility no text Basic Rate Remarks
Synthetic Court (Day Light) Member 118.64  
Non-Member 118.64  
Non-Member 76.27  
Synthetic Court (Artificial Light)) Member 152.54  
Non-Member 152.54  
Non-Member 76.27  
Clay Court Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Badminton Indoor Member 169.49  
Non-Member 169.49  
Non-Member 76.27  
Badminton Open Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Billiards Member 84.75  
Squash Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Table Tennis Member 72.00  
Non-Member 72.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Skating Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Basketball Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Football Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Cricket Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Children Park Member 0.00  
Non-Member 76.27  
Fitness Centre charges - Monthly Member 1983.05  
Non-Member 3957.63  
Fitness Centre charges - Daily Member 194.92  
Non-Member 398.31  
Monthly Pass for School Children 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM 389.83  

Note: GST as applicable will be charged over basic rates additionally.

Sports Facility no text Basic Rate
Cricket Ground Tue. to Fri. 11000.00
Sat., Sun & GH 16500.00
Corporate Tue. to Fri. 22000.00
Corporate Sat., Sun & GH 33000.00
Practice Pitch Member - Weekday) 1322.03
Member-Weekend) 1584.75
Non-Member-Weekday) 1983.05
Non-Member-weekend) 2644.07
Corporate Weekday 2644.07
Corporate Weekend 3296.61
Badminton Open (Per Court) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 211.86
Otder Institutions 432.20
Tennis Court Hard (Per Court) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 211.86
Otder Institutions 432.20
Syntdetic (Per Court School/College Sports Association/Federations) 711.86
Otder Institutions 1432.20
Squash Normal (Per Court) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 288.14
Otder Institutions 567.80
Squash Glass (Per Court) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 432.20
Otder Institutions 855.93
Skating (Daily basis per hour) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 211.86
  Otder Institutions/Corporate/ Private Institution 432.20
Skating (Montdly basis one hour daily) School/College Sports Association/Federations) 2144.07
  Otder Institutions/Corporate/ Private Institution 4288.14
peak hours i.e.10.00a.m.to4.00p.m.
Govt. School – 2 hrs p/d 567.80
Otder Schools / Colleges– 2 hrs p/d 1432.20
For conduct of Annual Day Function 7152.54 per day Security deposit of Rs.14296.61/- (Refundable)
a. Allotments will be dependent of availability. b. Shamiana / Tent of maximum size of 30’ x 15’ may be permitted in specified area on additional payment per day. c. Cost of damage be charged security deposit. d. Area to be left clean. 711.86
Booking Rates for otder Institution/Corporate/Private Institution for team games (Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball) during off peak hours, i.e., 10.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. (06 hours) and for full day
S. No. Facility Rates for 6 hrs (excluding GST) From 10:00 am. to 04.00 p.m. Rates for full day (excluding GST)
Weekdays Weekend Weekdays Weekend
i. Football 9347.46 13203.39 11881.36 16500.00
ii. Hockey 9347.46 11000.00 11881.36 13203.39
iii. Basketball 5500.00 11000.00 7703.39 11000.00
iv. Volleyball 5500.00 11000.00 7703.39 11000.00

Note: GST as applicable will be charged over basic rates additionally.

Rates for Banner I Hoarding, Tents I Canopies I Stalls and Electricity Points

S.No. Category Charges
1 Banner / Hoarding 5508.47/- per banner I hoarding
2 Stall / Canopy / Tent 5508.47/- per stall I canopy I tent
3 Electricity Point (Maximum 03) 2203.39/- per point

Shooting/Videography charges:

For Corporate events, Foreigners, Schools and NGOs:

  • Corporate events - 25,000/- for duration of booking
  • Foreigners - 50,000/- for duration of booking
  • Schools & NGOs - 10,000/- for duration of booking

In addition to the above, charges for Individuals, DOA Coaches and Tournaments will be as under:-

  • Individuals - 10,000/- for duration of booking
  • DDA Coaches - 15,000/- for duration of booking
  • Tournaments - 25,000/- for duration of booking

Commercial Shooting/Videography - 1,00,000/- per day

1 Aerobics Renu Gopal Renu Gopal 9811799443 5 Days (Tue. To Sat.) 07:15 to 08.15AM (M) 06:00 to 7:00 PM (E) Rs. 1770/- Rs. 2210/-
2 Badminton United Shuttlers Badminton Academy Ajay Kanwar 9811284428 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM 03:00 PM to 06:00PM Rs. 3250/-(Basic & Intermediate) Rs.5840/- (Advance) Rs. 4060/-(Basic& Intermediate) Rs7300/-(Advance)
3 Basket Ball Saideep Enterprises Deepak Singh Bisht 7011292025, 7678140272 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 04:00PM to 07:00PM (S) Rs. 1180/- Rs. 1480/-
4 Cricket PS Sports Agency. Ms. Alka Singh 8005922981 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 07:00AM to 10:30AM and 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM Rs. 1770/- Rs.2210/-
5 Dance Wills Academy of performing Arts Mr. Jatin Bajaj 9716628994 3 Days & 5 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 05:00PM to 07:00PM Rs. 1770/-(03 days) Rs. 2360/-(05 days) Rs. 2210/-(03 days) Rs. 2950/-(05 days)
6 Football D. Aswal Sports & Cultural Society Mr. Amit Nandi 9810929109, 7669279109 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 05:00PM to 07:00PM (S) 04:00PM to 06:00PM(W) Rs. 890/- Rs. 1180/-
7 Skating Roller Skating School of india Mr. Naresh Sharma 9311669989 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 5:00 PM to 7:00PM Rs.1060/- Rs.1330/-
8 Taekwondo Ms. Uzma Khan Ms. Uzama Khan 9910105492 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 06:00AM to 10:00AM 04:00PM to 08:00PM Rs. 1180/- Rs. 1480/-
9 Tennis Advance SKI Sports Management Mr Sagar Singh 9971185445 8178805497 9818200379 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 06:00AM to 10:00AM 03:00PM to 07:00PM Rs.1770/- Rs.2120/-
10 Tennis Basic & Inter. Bhambri Academy of Sporting Excellence Mr. Prateek Bhambri 9910112206 3 Days & 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 06:00AM to 10:00AM 03:00PM to 07:00PM Rs.1530/-(Basic 3 Days) Rs.1890/-(Basic 6 Days) Rs.2710/-(Intr. 3 Days) Rs.3420/-(Intr. 6 Days) Rs.1920/-(Basic 3 Days) Rs.2360/-(Basic 6 Days) Rs.3390/-(Intr. 3 Days) Rs.4280/-(Intr. 6 Days)
11 Yoga (D) Drishti Power Yoga & Health Care Foundation Mr. Surender Singh 9213989174 5 Days (Tue. To Sat.) 06:30AM to 09:30AM 05:00PM to 08:00PM Rs.1560/- Rs.1950/-
12 Yoga (H) Mr. Harendra Gautam Mr. Harendra Gautam 9953754105 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 05:00PM to 06:00PM Rs.1180/- Rs.1480/-
13 Hockey Mr. Pramod Batlaw Mr. Pramod Batlaw 9811078729 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 07:00AM to 10:00AM Rs.350/- Rs.440/-
14 Gymnastic Mr. Ram Niwas Mr. Ram Niwas 9811636053 3 Days (Tue, Sat & Sun.) 04:00PM to 07:00PM Rs.1420/- Rs.1770/-
15 Athletic Mr. Tejvir Singh Mr. Tejvir Singh 9818011664 9540100000 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 07:00AM to 09:00AM 04:00PM to 06:00PM Rs.940/- Rs.1180/-
16 Table Tennis Mr. Vidit Chawla Mr. Vidit Chawla 9999872223 6 Days (Tue. To Sun.) 04:00PM to 06:00PM Rs.2600/- Rs.3250/-
17 Archery Ms. Pushsp Lata Ms. Pushsp Lata 7982258874 5 Days (Tue. To Sat.) 04:00PM to 06:00PM Rs.1180/- Rs.1480/-

Sl. No. Type of Charge Basic Rate CGST @9% Amount payable



Seasonal (Apr to Sept)










Daily Dip





Guest of Member










Swimming Coaching


Swimming Coaching






Seasonal (Feb, Mar & Oct, Nov-4 months)





Bi-Monthly (2 Months)










Daily Dip





Guest of Member





YSC has an elite, gorgeous, fully air-conditioned Show Court Building (Auditorium) having capacity 3200. The rates are as under :

  SUMMER Mar to Nov WINTER Dec to Feb
A Tournament for Disable/Handicapped and Govt. School/College 71500/- 38500/-
B Annual Functions / Tournament for Private School/College 165000/- 132000/-
C Other than A & B i.e. Corporate functions, Political function, social function, league etc. 250000/-  

Charges for additional facilities:-

S No Particulars Charges Remarks
i) Corridor /Reception area 187500/-  
ii) Rooms 6250/-  
iii) Food Court near Gate No. 4 (open area) - Cocking / laying of food not being permitted due to pollution/fire hazard.
iv) Shop    
  i)Exhibition 7500/-  
  ii)Sale 7500/-  
v) Restaurant area at first floor 37500/-  


  • Security Deposit 50% of the booking charges excluding services charges.
  • GST as applicable will be charged extra.
  • Two rooms will be provided free of cost with show court as part of booking package but it will not be provided if only reception/corridor area are booked.
  • An amount of Rs. 6000/- (Rs. 4000 + 2000) per day will be charged for additional housekeeping staff and cleaning material to be provided by agency.
  • PA System – two mikes are to be provided free of cost as part of booking package.
  • Only four banners (each 32 sq.ft.) are allowed inside show court without any charges. Additional banner if required, will charged @ Rs. 5000/- per banner/per day.
  • The booking of venue and payment of security charges including refunds online will be followed once appropriate software is in place. Accordingly, the System Department, DDA and the agency concerned will be informed.
  • In addition to 8 hours booking period between 6.30 AM to 8.30 PM in winters and 6 am to 9 pm in summers, an additional period of 6-7 hours within the working hours of the complex also be given to the party for preparation/removal of stage etc. No preparation activities will be permitted at night and Rs. 30000/- per hrs will be charged for extra usage period, if any, by the organizers.
  • In case of cancellation of booking 48 hrs prior to the event, 20% cancellation charges will be levied. In case of cancellation within 48 hrs, 40% cancellation charges on the booking amount will be levied. In case there is shift in date 10% additional amount of booking will be charged.
  • x) A gap of at least one day will be kept between two bookings to clean and maintain the facilities.

Procedure of Booking:-

  • Individual or organization will meet the Secretary or the Manager with an application for booking.
  • The application on file along with booking register entry will be put up by dealing asst. to the Secretary through the Manager.
  • Provisional Booking letter will be issued based on availability for obtaining affidavit (as per terms and conditions) and NOC from the Police etc.
  • Booking will be confirmed after deposition of calculated amount with CAU/Sports through Cash/DD.
  • The booking procedure will change accordingly once online booking commences.

Terms & Conditions for Affidavit:-

  • Show Court has been provided from … AM to …. PM only. In case schedule time is exceeded, security deposit will be forfeited or minimum amount of Rs. 30000/- per hr will be charged.
  • Function host/organizer will be solely responsible for the safety & security of spectators and invitees.
  • More than 3250invitees will not be permitted, considering the Show Court capacity.
  • No Havanor Yogyawould be conducted within the YSC premises.
  • No loose electrical wires are to be laid within the premises. Wires from generator are to be shielded. Organizers will be responsible for the same.
  • No armsand ammunitionare allowed in the premises of the Complex as per the Bye-Laws.
  • No liquor /smokingis allowed in the premises of the Sports Complex.
  • Vehicle will be parked in the parking area only. Security& trafficof the vehicles will be responsibility of the organizer and necessary traffic permissionwould be obtained from Delhi Police.
  • Organizer will obtain no objection certificate/ write a letter to Delhi Police about the detail of the programme with copy to Yamuna Sports Complex.
  • Clear all the dues of Canteen of YSC, if any, before putting the application for refund of security.
  • Organizer will place First Aid Facility at the Venue.
  • No damage to the Complex property whatsoever shall be done by the Spectators otherwise penalty will be levied on organizer.
  • Not more than four hoarding/banners are allowed during the programme in the venue, any addition to four Rs. 5000/- per banner per day will be charged. No banner will be put on Gate No. 4.
  • The management has all the right to cancel the booking of stadium even at short notice without assigning any reason.
  • Eatables /Soft Drinks /Tea etc. are available within the complex. Please book the order well in advance as per requirement. However, eatables/Soft Drinks/Tea are not allowed inside the Show Court.
  • The organizer will intimate the name of the Chief Guestinvited for the function to the Secretary one weekin advance.
  • Entry and exit in to the Complex will be on valid Passes issued by the Organizer through Gate No. 4 only.
  • In case of any change of Booking Charges, difference will be paid by the Organisers.
  • No rally of any kind will be permitted.
  • Book the T.T. Stadium only if you are satisfied with the existing facilities/security systems in T.T. Stadium and period of booking.
  • No extra time other than booking period will be permitted for construction of stage /preparation for the event etc.
  • Organizer will ensure that nobody will stands on the aluminium projection which is only meant for handicapped.
  • Any injury/death and all types of mishaps or any other incident/accident will be sole responsibility of the organizer for which organizer will indeminise DDA.
  • No barricading allowed inside/outside the show court of TT Stadium. No restriction / obstruction / barricading will be allowed on exit/entry gates.

Note:An affidavit to be submitted containing all the above mentioned conditions to the management before depositing booking amount by the organizer.

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