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Right to Information Act

  • Processing fee as given in Clause 3(A) V.
  • Appendix B-1(Building Bye-Law 7.2.2.) as per notification.
  • Copy of valid certificate of licensed Architect/Engineer/Supervisor.
  • Plan, indication plinth level construction at site in relation to plot dimension, area and set back, duly signed by owner and licensed Architect/Engineer/Supervisor.
  • Extension of time for construction, valid up to date, if required.
  • In case of change of Architect/Engineer, additional documents are required such as Supervision-I, appointment letter of Architect, an attested copy of general body resolution for appointment of Architect etc.

DDA will inspect the site and intimate the objection, if any, to the owner/Architect/Engineer/Supervisor within 30 days in form B-2 (in case deviations of non-compoundable nature are notice).

In case construction of plinth level is found, in accordance with the sanctioned plan/compoundable limit, there is no need for intimation as per notification. However, in order to avoid disputes, the intimation will be sent to the applicant in respect of B-1 that it is in accordance with the sanctioned/revised sanctioned plan. Further it will be the responsibility of the owner and Architect/Engineer/Supervisor to ensure that further construction of building is in accordance with the sanctioned building plan.

Status of applications and Appeals under RTI ACT from 12.10.05

12th Jan. 10

03rd Nov. 09

1st Oct 2012

10th Sep 2012

2nd Jul 2012

22nd Mar 2012

22nd sep 2011

21st April 2011

27th July 2010

17th June 2010

  • Manual 1 - Particulars of organization
  • Manual 2 - Power and duties of officers/Employees
  • Manual 3 - Procedure followed in decision - making process
  • Manual 4 - Norms set for the discharge of functions
  • Manual 5 - Rules, Regulations, instructions, manuals and records held discharging of functions
  • Manual 6 - Statement of categories
  • Manual 7 - Details of consultative committees and other bodies
  • Manual 8 - List of boards,councils,committees and other bodies
  • Manual 9 - Directory of officers/employees
  • Manual 10 - Monthly remuneration of officers/employees
  • Manual 11 - Budget allocated to each agency
  • Manual 12 - Execution of subsidy program
  • Manual 13 - Particulars of recipients of concessions,permits
  • Manual 14 - Information available in an electronic form
  • Manual 15 - Facilities available for obtaining information
  • Manual 16 - Particulars of PIOs
  • Manual 17 - REVISED ESTIMATES FOR 2013-2014 & BUDGET ESTIMATES FOR 2014-2015.
  • Manual 18 - Other Information Prescribe
  • Manual 19 - Officers/officials mades the foreign tour during the year 2012-13