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The Coordination of Damages Branch of Land Management is entrusted with the work of eviction and assessment of Damages and recoveries from the unauthorized occupants squatting on the Government Land under the control and management of DDA. These occupant are liable to pay damage charges to DDA under The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act 1958, now Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971. The rates for collection of damage charges are decided by the Accounts Branch on year to year basis depending on various factors.

Self-Assessment Scheme: In this scheme, the occupants of Properties in the categories of Damage payee or lease holder (including Ex-leasee) are encouraged to voluntarily provide the details of their occupation of such property for updation of DDA’s records through a self-assessment window.

Link for Self-Assessment of Damage and making payment for Damage Payee properties is as under:-.

    Details of the 23 Nazul Estates* are as under:-

    Sr.No. Nazul Estate Sr.No. Nazul Estate
    1. Naiwala 13. Chiragh South
    2. Basti Rehgar 14. Jhilmil Tahirpur
    3. Karol Bagh 15. Inderpart
    4. Bagh Rajoji 16. Arakpur Bagh Mochi
    5. Shidipura 17. Southern Ridge
    6. Jhandewala 18. Aliganj
    7. Qadam Sharif 19. Sadar Bazar South
    8. Paharganj 20. Sadar Bazar North
    9. Burn Bastion Road 21. Inside City Wall
    10. Garstin Bastion Road 22. The Bela
    11. Daryaganj 23. Daryaganj North
    12. South Chiragh North    

    *All 23 Nazul Estates fall in the jurisdiction of LM/Lands Deptt. headed by Dy. Director (Lands).

    Damage Payee Registration

    Schedule for Awareness Programme in Damage Properties in 23 Nazul Estates