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IT/E-Governance initiatives

Maintains and Monitor the record of Vacant Land parcels of LM, Horticulture& Engineering Department through VLMS Portal. Data entry of details of land parcels is under progress.Tentative List of Vacant Land parcels of DDA (Under Updation) 

I. In order to maintain land records and manage and protect DDA Land effectively, LM Department has developed a web based portal i.e. LMIS (Land Management Information System).

II. The LMIS portal will be helpful to perform various works of LM Department on single platform through its 11 modules and 26 sub modules such as Land Inventory Module , encroachment detection and demolition, Damage Payee Modules etc.

An authorized GIS Agency in consultation with LM Department is surveying the vacant plots as recorded in the VLMS Portal.

LM Department is undertaking the digitization of records so that the records are protected from damage from environment and tampering of records.

The details of Files are entered in the File Management System of DDA to keep the files of the department safe from misplacement and enable easy retrieval.

In this scheme, the occupants of Properties in the categories of Damage payee or lease holder (including Ex-leasee) are encouraged to voluntarily provide the details of their occupation of such property for updation of DDA’s records through a self-assessment window.

Self Assessment of Damage Charges as inserted in the Damage Tab

MOU has been signed between ISRO (NRSC) and DDA in 2018, to prepare Asset Map of vacant land parcels under the jurisdiction of DDA.