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About Land Disposal

The Land Disposal Department of DDA is headed by Commissioner (Land Disposal) and performs activities related to disposal of various types of Land, Built up Shops/Kiosk, etc. It also administers post disposal activities. The disposal/allotments are of various types such as Free hold, Perpetual Leasehold, Temporary allotment and License fee. To ensure the infrastructural development of the capital of India, LD Department disposes/allots Land to various Government and Private organizations/individuals.

Various types of properties categorized by DDA are as under:

  • Residential Land
  • Commercial Land
  • Institutional Land
  • Industrial Land
  • Built up Commercial Properties
  • License Properties

The department also performs post allotment activities related to possession, cancellation of allotment, restoration of allotment, time extension for completion of construction of building, Permission to Mortgage, Mutation/Transfer of properties and conversion from Lease Hold to Freehold of selected properties and execution of the Lease deed & Conveyance Deed etc.