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Charter of Duties

The Delhi Development Authority (Disposal of Developed Nazul Land) Rules, 1981 and its subsequent amendments provide for the manner of dealing with Nazul Land developed by or under the control and supervision of the Delhi Development Authority. All the properties are disposed off through e-Auction. However, the Authority may also allot the Nazul land to following Institutions on fixed premium as may be determined by Central Government from time to time: –

a. Central Government or State Government or Union territory Administration;

b. Autonomous body constituted by Central Government or State Government or Union territory Administration or partly by the Central Government and partly by one or more State Governments or Union territory Administrations;

c. Social or charitable institutions, eligible under rule 20;

d. Political organisations recognised by the Election Commission of India,

e. Local bodies, for remunerative, semi-remunerative or un-remunerative purposes

Main Activities under LD Department:

  • E-Auction
  • Conversion from lease hold to freehold
  • Mutation/Transfer/Substitution
  • Extension of Time for Construction
  • Mortgage Permission
  • Allotment of Alternative Plots
  • Determination & Restoration of Lease/Allotment

Branches in LD Department and the brief works carried out by them:-





LAB Rohini

Deals with Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 from Allotment to freehold  


LAB (Residential):

Allotment/Disposal of residential plots, alternative plots.  


Group Housing (GH):

Allotment/Disposal of Group Housing Plots and draw of the members of the Society, Conversion of Group Housing Flats from Leasehold to Freehold.  


Cooperative Society (CS): )

Allotment /Disposal of Cooperative Housing Building Society Plots and draw of the members of the Society  


Commercial Estate (CE):

43% of allotment/Disposal of built up shops, open space/offices etc. are made through draw of lots to reserved categories viz. SC, ST, PH, Ex. Serviceman etc. and the rest 57% of allotment/disposal is made through e-auction.


Commercial Lands (CL):

Deals with the allotment/disposal and administration of Commercial Plots. The branch also deals with Gas Godown sites, CNG station sites, Petrol Pump sites and cases of planning permission/ NOC for setting up of fuel stations on private land and also Apartment Ownership Act in the multi-storied commercial complexes.  


Old Scheme Branch (OSB) :

Allotment /Disposal of properties of 23 Nazul Estates (prior to Independence). Allotment/Regularization of land under Gadgil Assurance, Chulha tax Scheme, MOR Land etc.  


Institutional Land (IL):

Allotment of land to the Government Departments and private institutions for health facilities, education or higher education facilities, socio cultural and community facilities and social or charitable institutions, eligible under rule 20 of Nazul Land, 1981 on Perpetual Lease hold or temporary license fee basis.


LSB (Industry) Branch:

Allotment /Disposal of Industrial Plots.


License Property Cell (LPC):

Allotment of Parking Sites, Mobile Towers, Kiosks, Restaurants, Function sites, Ancillary Services in Multi-purpose Built up Community Hall of DDA etc. on license fee basis for fix tenure.


Survey Branch:

Deals with Joint Inspection/Site inspection of the properties for identification of land for allotment/disposal or checking the ownership/misuse/factual position of the site etc. on the request of respective branches.


E-Auction Cell:

E-Auction cell is the coordination cell for all the branches of LD & agency that conducts e-Auction. All the post e-Auction related activities are carried out by respective branches



Management of Personnel of LD, Policy matters involving multiple branches, Compilation of various data/reports, Parliament Questions etc.