General FAQs

A.The last date of payment of premium under Rohini Residential Scheme-1981 was 31.12.2019 subject to payment of interest and restoration charges as applicabl

As per Circular dated 02.03.2022, DDA has dispensed with the practice of accepting documents in lieu of loss of original FDR. However, you may apply for refund of the amount deposited by you.

You may apply for conversion of plot from leasehold into freehold online through IDLI System by visiting the URL

You may apply for mutation of plot through IDLI System by visiting the URL

You may apply for mutation of plot through IDLI System by visiting the URL

The required documents for issuance of Possession Letter under Rohini Residential Scheme-1981 are as follows:

F.D.R. in original duly discharged by affixing revenue stamp of Rs.1/-.

Revised Affidavit/declaration as per specimen (copy available at the official website of DDA i.e. from the allottee duly attested by the Notary Public.

Self attested copy of Aadhaar Card of allottee and Co-allottee.

Self attested copy of PAN card.

Copy of Bank Account Passbook/Bank Statement in proof of payment made to DDA showing transactions of premium made in respect of respective plot.

Self attested identification Slips of specimen signature and current photographs from both allottee and Co-Allottee.

Refund will be allowed by DDA after genuineness of applicant and the valid reason provided. An application for refund, explaining valid reasons of refund, Specimen Signature, ID proof, Copy of cancelled cheque, Proof of payment made to DDA are required to process the refund. Any payment made without any demand by DDA or with the intention to get the plot by impersonation shall not be entertained and amount will be forfeited.

Yes, through gift deed, the property can be transferred in the life time of the parents.

Allotment/Disposal of properties of 23 Nazul estates (prior to Independence). Allotment / Regularization of land under Gadgil Assurance, Chulha Tax Scheme, MOR land etc.

Presently, no such policy is in operation.

Yes, since the MOR land was placed at the disposal of DDA the same can be allotted as per through e-Auction after following the due process.

A Committee is constituted to examine the applications submitted by the applicants against the advertisement published in leading news paper from time to time.

You can apply for consideration of your space unit under Apartment Ownership Act through DDA website à Online Public Services à Online Application for execution of Deed of Apartments

There is no policy to calculate the outstanding dues in respect of individual space unit. However, on receipt of Conversion application, the dues are distributed proportionately to the respective space unit.

Yes. Builder Buyer Agreement can be accepted if following contents are mentioned/ available with the applicant:-

Handing over/ Taking over of the possession of the site/ property

Full payment of the consideration amount.

Unit, Area and Location on the building.

Conveying the rights of ownership to the space buyer.

No, institutional plots are available only on leasehold basis.

Allotment of land for school to private entities is done through e-auction. The e-auction schedule and details of plots are advertised in all leading newspapers and details are also available on DDA website.


Kiosks (Green and Non Green), Mobile Towers Sites, Function sites, and Multipurpose Community Hall having Ancillary facilities, CNG, Mother Dairy, SAFAL etc.

No, as these properties are allotted for a fixed time.


DDA from time to time e-auction these properties and the same can be allotted through e-auction only. For details, please visit our website regularly.

Green kiosk are mainly situated in the parks and at green area of Horticulture and Non-Green kiosk are situated other than Green area.

LPC was earlier dealing with the designated parking sites, now all the designated parking sites have been transferred to Local Body i.e. DMC

Yes, In existing Industrial units/Plots with an area of 3000Sqm. or above abutting road of 24m ROW and above shall be eligible for Residential Use (Group Housing) within the development control norms of Group Housing. For further details, please refer the Gazette Notification S.O. 3233(E) dated 03.07.2018.

Yes, Industrial units / plots abutting roads of 24m ROW and above shall be eligible for conversion to commercial use within the existing development control norms, subject to payment of Conversion charges as prescribed by the Government from time to time, and cost of parking as decided by Government from the time to time. For further details, please refer the Gazette Notification S.O. 3233(E) dated 03.07.2018

For details, please refer the Gazette Notification S.O. 3233(E) dated 03.07.2018