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Office Orders

Sr.No Title File No Documents Link to edit Content
1 (i)-Constitution of "Internal Grievance Committee" for Schedule Tribes-reg. (ii)-Setting up of Internal Grievance Committee at work place for Persons belonging to Scheduled Castes Community-reg.

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2 Office Order 1 No.f.4(35)2011/P&C(p)/Pt.VII/93

Office OrdersSize:79.72 KB

3 Office Order 2 No.f.4(35)2011/P&C(p)/Pt.VII/97

Office OrdersSize:76.65 KB

4 Office Order 3 No.f.4(35)2011/P&C(p)/Pt.VII/95

Office OrdersSize:218.83 KB

5 Prevent the occurrence and growth of Dengue and Chikungunya. No.EM3(29)2006/Vol.14/2600

Office OrdersSize:251.83 KB

6 Transfer & Posting Policy for JE's and AE's in Quality Assurance cell (QAC) No.EM3(29)2017/office-order/Pt.File/2007

Office OrdersSize:359.96 KB

7 Office Order Nominate Sh. Arvind Kumar , SE/CC-1/SZ . No.EM3(29)misc/Vol.19/1977

Office OrdersSize:702.32 KB

8 09 Cases of death in sewer tank in Delhi-reg. No.EM3(57)/2017/misc/Vol.19/1977

Office OrdersSize:333.91 KB

9 Regarding compliance of officer order no. 16(483)/UD/W/2015/57-59 dated 15.01.2019 and directions issued in pursuance of meeting of Monitoring Committee constituted by Hon'ble NGT in case of Manoj Mishra Vs UOI & Ors. No.EM3(29)/2016/misc/Vol.15/pt./832

Office OrdersSize:393.27 KB

10 Regularization of delay in payment of part premium

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