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FAQs (Housing)

A. DDA constructs residential flats under various categories , Higher Income Group Middle Income Group, Lower Income Group and Janta etc., As soon as the flats under any project are completed, flats are offered for allotment to the applicants who are already registered under its various Housing Registration Schemes under the categories of LIG & Janta etc.. Under HIG & MIG category, as soon as the flats are made available, applications from prospective buyers are invited through a public notice( appearing in the leading newspapers in English and Hindi both) for registration along with the registration money. The priced brochure containing the terms & conditions and the eligibility criteria is also put on sale through DDA sale counter at Vikas Sadan, INA and through the designated banks. Allotment of the flats are made through a computerized draw on scrutiny of the applications as per the eligibility criteria and the terms & conditions.

Choice of locality in new schemes is offered but floor choice or allotment in a particular Sector/Pkt is not allowed as the allotment of the specific flat is made through computerized draw. G.F, flats are allotted under reserve quota to P.H. category registrants under 5% reserve quota as defined in section 37(a) of Rights of the person with Disabilities Act 2016.

A. No such provision.

A. No option, however if a flats alloted to reserve category under PwD on hire purchase on the request of the allotee, mode of payment can be changed to cash down basis.

A. The following documents are required to be submitted to the office of concerned Dy. Director of Housing Branch. The guidelines for loss of documents are available at DDA website in the link given:   https://dda.gov.in/housing/policies/guidelines.

  • For the Loss of Registration Certificate: -Affidavit
  • For the Loss of F.D.R.: - Indemnity Bond -Affidavit
  • For the Loss of Registration Record: - IndemnityBond


(a.)  FIR in Original

(b.)  Photograph & 3 Specimen Signature duly Attested by a Gazetted Officer/ Ist class Magistrate.

(c.)  Public Notice in Leading Newspapers

  • AffidavitshouldbeexecutedonRs.10/-non-Judicial stamp paper duly attested by the Notary Public or Ist Class Magistrate.
  • Indemnity Bond should be execute done Rs.100/-non-Judicial stamp paper duly registered with theSub-Registrar.