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Master Plan for 2021

Delhi, the focus of the socio-economic and political life of India, a symbol of ancient values and aspirations and capital of the largest democracy, is assuming increasing eminence among the great cities of the world.

Growing at an unprecedented pace, the city needs to be able to integrate its elegant past as well as the modern development into an organic whole, which demands a purposeful transformation of the socio-economic, natural and built environment. The City will be a prime mover and a a nerve centre of ideas and action, the seat of national governances and a centre of business, culture, education and sports.

Apart from critical issues such as land, physical infrastructure, transport, ecology and environment, housing, socio-cultural and other institutional facilities, the cornerstone for making Delhi a world-class city is the planning process itself and related aspects of governance and management. This always needs a coordinated and integrated approach amongst several agencies involved with urban services and development along with a participatory planning process at local levels.