Constituted in the year 1957 as the first development authority in the country with no role model to follow, in the last four decades and a half there have been proud milestones and achievements in DDA's journey.

  • In 1962 DDA formulated the 1st Master Plan for the planned growth and development of Delhi.
  • DDA extensively revised the 1st Master Plan and a comprehensive Master Plan with perspective up to 2001 adopted in 1990.
  • Draft Master Plan for Delhi 2021 was finalized and approved by the Authority and also by Central Government for publication of notification in Gazette of India alongwith land use plan for inviting objections and suggestions from the public.
  • The objections/suggestions thus received would be studied and analysed for incorporating the same, if viable, in the final Master plan for Delhi 2021.
  • DDA has acquired 69907.50 acres of land and developed it for residential, recreational, industrial, commercial and institutional purposes.
  • DDA has constructed, or facilitated construction of more than 10.65 lakh dwelling units hereby ensuring shelter for more than half of the population of Delhi.
  • DDA planned and created the infrastructure for the IX Asian Games including a shooting range,a stadium of international standards and the integrated Asian Games Village containing 853 dwelling units.
  • DDA has given to Delhi city modern, well-laid-out shopping-office complexes that have been created in 9 district centers, 36 commercial centers, 134 local shopping centers and 440 convenient shopping centres all over Delhi.
  • DDA has developed as many as 22 industrial estates having 12000 units. The Authority has also allotted thousands of institutional plots.
  • District centers, community centers, local shopping centers and other commercial areas planned and created by the DDA are a beehive of economic activity, creating wealth and generating employment all over the city.
  • To streamline growing flow of traffic, DDA has created planned infrastructure, including strategic fly-overs. Pleasant results are clearly visible.
  • DDA has instituted Urban Heritage Award for maintenance and upkeep of old buildings that are more than 50 years old, still in use and not listed as monuments.This has generated awareness of Delhi's hitherto heritage and encouraged proper maintenance of heritage sites.
  • As many as 5100 hectares of land has been landscaped and developed as district parks, city forests, neighbourhood parks and other greens by the DDA.
  • The green cover in Delhi is 19 percent, much more than in other metropolitan cities of India. DDA has played a leading role in making this possible by providing extensive green lungs in India's capital city.
  • Taking sports facilities to the citizens' doorsteps, DDA has developed developed 14 sports complexes including
  • one Mini Sports Complex,
  • 26 organised play fields and
  • hundreds of other play fields all over the city.
  • Network of sports facilities created by DDA across the city, and the various sports tournaments that DDA organizes every year, nurture budding sports talent in the city who are representing the country at international meets.
  • In the four decades and a half of DDA's work, the authority has created a niche for itself in the hearts of the people of Delhi. It is in cooperation with the people of Delhi, the government agencies, the private sector and with citizens from every strata of society that DDA has striven to carry out its mandate.
  • Yes, DDA not just builds houses, it touches Delhiites ' lives in every way.