Draft Master Plan for Delhi 2021

Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) - 2021

Brief Description

  • MPD-1962 was prepared with a perspective of 20 years i.e. upto 1981. Based on the experience of the plan and to cater to the increasing population & changing requirements of the city upto year 2001, extensive modifications to MPD-1962 were made under Section 11-A of the DD Act and the Master Plan for Delhi - 2001 was prepared by inhouse professionals of DDA.
  • The modified plan, MPD-2001 was approved by the GOI and promulgated on 1-8-90.

Brief Description

  • was the first step towards modern planning in India.
  • It was prepared with the assistance of Ford Foundation team.
  • It was promulgated on 1-9-1962.
  • It was formulated as per the provisionof Delhi Development Act, 1957.
  • aimed at the integrated development of Delhi.

The information contained in this section is indicative only. The data used is from secondary sources only. Based on these the proposals policies for the MPD-2021 are being formulated.

Making of the Plan

  • DDA is currently engaged in extensive modification of the Master Plan of Delhi - 2001 and is preparing MPD with a perspective up to 2021 to cater to the increasing population and the changing requirements of the city.

As a prelude to preparation of MPD - 2021, twelve subgroups have been constituted comprising:

  • Experts and Professionals,
  • Eminent Persons,
  • Public Representatives,
  • Concerned Departments,
  • Sectoral Studies
  • Series of Seminars inviting politicians, administrators,local bodies RWA's etc.

About 200 Experts are Delibrating on different aspects.

The Sub-Groups on :

  • Demographic Profile
  • Regional and Sub-Regional
  • Shelter
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Industry
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Mixed Land Use
  • Conservation and Urban Renewal
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Development Controls


  • Public participation through series of seminars and interaction with Residents Welfare Associations etc.
  • Recommendations of the sub-groups
  • Central / state government and authority advice-(Guidelines received from GOI - additional input being publicised for consultation with stakeholders)
  • Draft plan
  • Approval of GOI for issue of public notice to invite objections & suggestions.
  • Consideration of objections and suggestions
  • Final plan