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Use of Treated Water

In compliance to the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal’s directives to curtail the depletion of ground water in Delhi and to stop the further extraction of groundwater for gardening purposes, DDA has focused on the use of treated wastewater for horticulture purposes using various modes such as - through Pipeline from centralized STPs of DJB/DDA, through tankers from DJB STPs & installation decentralized STPs/Wastewater Treatment Plants in parks.

The status is as under:

  • Total No. of Parks: 688 (having an area of about 10816 Acres)
  • Total Water Requirement: 34 MLD.
Sr. No. Mode of Irrigation No. of Parks
1 STP Pipeline from Centralized STPs of DJB/DDA 112
2 Through decentralized STPs 69
3 ThroughTankers 120
4 New STP line Proposed
DDA in Rohini
5 Decentralized STPs (in progress) 24
6 Drainage/ Others means 39
7 No irrigation required/woodlands 92