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Frequently Asked Questions on UCs (FAQs)

A1. PM-UDAY (Prime Minister – Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana) Scheme is a decision of Union Cabinet to confer the ownership or transfer/ mortgage rights to the residents of Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi.

A2. The PM-UDAY scheme is for conferment of property rights to the residents of 1731 Unauthorized Colonies (UCs) in Delhi. The regularization of UCs entails approval of layout plans of the colony, which in turn requires fire clearances of the colony and the properties therein from Department of Delhi Fire Services, Govt of NCT of Delhi.

The conferment of property rights for Govt / Pvt Land under PM-UDAY will allow the residents of UCs the following:

a. The residents can sale/purchase their properties without any hindrance.

b. Residents can avail loans from banks / financial institutions against their properties.

c. Residents can get building plans approved if they want to change anything in the present building or construct house in the vacant plot for which they have got property rights.

Further, conferment of rights opens up huge possibility of redevelopment. DDA will come out with relaxed development control norms and incentives in terms of higher Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in these colonies so that new development can take place with much wider roads, green areas, public spaces like parks etc., adequate infrastructure in terms of water, sewer, sanitation etc., social amenities like schools, hospitals, entertainment etc. This will bring ease in life of citizens and improve their quality of lives. Therefore, conferment of rights will give far more to the residents of UCs than mere regularization, for name sake.

A3. The notified Regulations dt. 29.10.2019 covers 1731 Unauthorized Colonies (UCs) existing as on 01.06.2014 provided they have minimum 50% built-up area as on 01.01.2015 identified by Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

A4. The other exclusions provided in these Regulations are:-

a. land falling in reserved or notified forests,

b. land identified as protected or prohibited area by the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 (24 of 1958),

c. land falling in Zone-O of MPD-2021,

d. Yamuna Flood Plain,

e. land falling in right of way of existing roads

f. Master Plan Roads

g. land under right of way of high tension lines,

h. land falling in ridge area of Delhi

i. land reserved or protected under any other law for the time being in force, and

j. affluent unauthorized colonies.

A5. The Regulation excludes 69 Affluent Unauthorized Colonies.

A6. The charges for conferment of these rights to the residents of UCs are to be calculated as follows:-

A. In case of built-up properties

Sr. No. Where cumulative Carpet Area of a resident in all the properties in all unauthorized colonies is Charges


Less than 100 sqm

0.5% x ¼ x Circle Rate x Carpet Area


More than (or equal to)100 sqm but less than 250 sqm

1% x ¼ x Circle Rate x Carpet Area


Greater than or equal to 250 sqm

2.5% x ¼ x Circle Rate x Carpet Area

In case of Vacant plots

Sr. No. Where cumulative Plot area of a resident in all the properties in all unauthorized colonies is Charges


Less than 100 sqm

0.5% x Circle Rate x Carpet Area


More than (or equal to)100 sqm but less than 250 sqm

1% x Circle Rate x Carpet Area


Greater than or equal to 250 sqm

2.5% x Circle Rate x Carpet Area

A7. Any resident of any unauthorized colony having registered or un-registered or notarized Power of Attorney, Agreement to Sale, Will, possession letter and other documents including evidencing payment of consideration shall be eligible for right of ownership or transfer or mortgage through a conveyance deed or authorization slip, as the case may be.

A8. For conferment of these rights, following steps are to be followed:

a. Beneficiaries will have to apply for the ownership rights only through prescribed online system developed by DDA.

b. The applicants have to attach the requisite documents such as GPA, ATS, Will, Payment Document, Possession Document and other documents with the application.

c. On receipt of the application, pre-scrutiny will be done by the DDA officials.

d. After verification of the documents, physical verification of the property will be carried out by the Surveyors of DDA.

e. land falling in right of way of existing roads

f. Upon completion of scrutiny and submission of Survey as well as GIS Report, the payment will be activated.

g. On receipt of payment, the case will be forwarded for approval of the Competent Authority and thereafter DDA will issue the Conveyance Deed in case of Government Land and Authorization Slip in case of Private Land, as the case may be, only for Residential purpose.

h.The beneficiaries shall get these documents registered with the Sub- Registrar’s office.

Note 1: For complete procedure to submit PM-UDAY Application and obtain CD/AS, please click on link : %20for%20PM-UDAY%2004032021.pdf Note 2: For Youtube Video, click on following links: Part 1 : https://youtu.be/qI50bQo1B5c
Part 2 : https://youtu.be/7aBuuQWSlik

A9. One can find the notified Regulations at DDA’s website (Hotlinks). (URL: https://dda.org.in/ddaweb/hotlinks.aspx ; http://egazette.nic.in/ )

A10. The residents shall have option to pay the charge in three equal installments.

A11. The cases of installment will be dealt as follow:

a. The residents who are paying the entire charges in one installment shall immediately be granted the ownership or mortgage or transfer rights in the property, as the case may be.

b. The residents who opt to deposit the charge in installments shall be conferred provisional ownership or mortgage/transfer rights after depositing two-third of the total payable charge, which shall be converted into permanent rights after full and final payment of entire amount due on account of charges.

A12. Yes. DDA will prepare Local Area Plan (LAP) with liberal DCNs for all UCs/ Clusters of UCs and make necessary amendments in the MPD-2021 for incentivizing and facilitating development/ redevelopment of UCs and Urban Building Bye Laws for Delhi (UBBL)-2016 to pave the way for planned redevelopment of the existing units on the “ as is where is” basis.

A13. DDA has delineated the boundaries of these UCs with the help of Survey of India and Revenue Department, GNCTD using satellite imageries of 2015.

A14. Yes, the team has followed the laid down SOP for delineation of boundaries of UCs.

A15. Applications have been invited from the residents on online portal of DDA only.

A16. They will also apply and after proper scrutiny, Authorization Slips will be issued by DDA which will be registered by Sub-Registrar.

A17. These charges are nominal charges for recognition of ownership rights to the residents of UCs in Delhi. Stamp Duty/ Registration charges will be levied on the amount of the conveyance deed/ authorization slip only, which is nominal.

A18. Yes.

A19. Construction in these UCs may be allowed by the Urban Local Bodies as per norms.

A20. Yes, DDA has empaneled the GIS Survey Firms details of which can be viewed at DDA’s website

A21. Yes, the rate list is as under :

Carpet Area/Plot Size Cost excluding GST

Less than 100 sqm.

Rs. 800/-

More than (or equal to) 100 sqm. but less than 250 sqm.

Rs. 1,000/

Greater than or equal to 250 sqm.

Rs. 2,500/-

A22. Yes, DDA has empaneled agencies details of which can viewed at DDA’s website

A23. Yes, the rates are as under:

Sr. No. Service Rate Activities Involved


Registration of Residents

Rs. 20/- Plus GST.

Filling Registration Form, giving print out of filled Registration to citizen.


Filling application for conferment of right in Unauthorized colonies.

Rs. 75/- Plus GST.

Filling of form (3 parts), 13-14 Documents are to be uploaded.


Document preparation and Notarization Service.

Rs. 100/- Per Document Plus GST (Excl. Stamp charges).

Undertaking, I-Bond etc., Affidavit preparation.-

A24. No.

A25. The execution of Conveyance Deed (CD) on any Government land shall be restricted to the area under building footprint/constructed and in possession prior to 01.01.2015 – supported with possession proof documents including electricity bill, water connection bill, property tax receipt etc. Further, in case of partially built-up properties on Govt. land in Unauthorized colonies, the ownership rights shall be conferred only for the built up area and the vacant area shall be excluded.

A26. The Development Control Norms are under notification. After the same are notified the applicants may apply for regularisation as per the norms.

A27. The sanctioning of loans by banks / financial institutions is under the discretion of the sanctioning authority and may depend on policies / procedures being followed by respective banks / financial institutions.

A28. The residents can register their CD/AS at Sub-Registrar office within 3 months from the date of issuance of CD/AS by DDA post which the corresponding CD/AS shall stand expired.

A29. The residents can submit a written application to the processing center which had issued the CD/AS earlier.

A30. The applications are being considered only up to four (4) constructed / covered floors built-in a plot. In case of stilt parking only up to four (4) floors above stilt parking are being considered under the scheme.

A31. Properties falling completely outside the delineated boundary of Unauthorized Colonies are ineligible.

A32. A mobile application has been developed for PM-UDAY and is live on Google Playstore. The application can be used for application / registration filing. Link for downloading the application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.bisagn.pmudayapplicants

A33. The applicant can avail the ‘UC Locator’ functionality from the PM-UDAY mobile application (Android) to tentatively view whether their property falls inside or outside the delineated boundary.

A34.The applicants can view the current status of their filed application through the PM-UDAY portal under the ‘Applications Status’ tab.

A35.The entire application process is online and the applicant needs to visit the processing center only once - at the time of physical execution of CD/AS.

A36.DDA has established 28 Help Desks for facilitation of the general public. In addition, Common Service Centers (CSCs) in Delhi have also been integrated under PM-UDAY for providing assistance in application / registration filing. The details of Help Desks and CSCs are available on DDA website. The Applicants may approach the Documentation Agencies on link given below. %20PM-UDAY%2004032021.pdf.