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Housing Finance at a Glance

Financial Advisor (H) Wing deals with the costing of flats and shops allotted under the various schemes. This Wing primarily deals with calculation of outstanding dues in case of leasehold allotments for issuing “No Dues Certificate” for conversion into freehold. All the disbursal of refunds related to Registration Money, Excess Deposits, etc. of Housing Department are dealt by this wing.


Housing Finance Wing is headed by Financial Adviser (Housing) reporting to Finance Member DDA. He is assisted by two Dy. Financial Advisors.

Main activities of Housing Accounts Wing working under FA(Housing):-

  • Processing and disposal of costing of flats.
  • Examination of preliminary estimates of BGDA for financial concurrence.
  • Maintenance of accounts of demand and collection of flats/built up shops in CSC/LSC and recovery thereof.

  • Housing Accounts Centre (HAC) handles the costing of flats/Shops. In addition, the HAC division also examines preliminary estimates of BGDA for financial concurrence.
  • Zones viz. North, South, West, East, Dwarka, Rohini and General (Housing) Maintain the accounts of demand and collection in respect of flats, built up shops in CSC/LSC:-
    • Premium
    • Ground Rent
    • Service Rent
    • Recovery of outstanding dues
    • Other charges
    • Processing and finalizing of applications under penalty relief schemes.
  • Cash (Housing) Branch looks after banking operation of Housing, verification of Challans and updating of accounts.
  • Establishment (Housing) Branch maintains the maintains the establishment records of entire Housing Wing and looks after staff payments.
  • HAU-IV Section looks after registration records and surrendering of FDRs in respect of old Housing Schemes of DDA.
  • Co-ordination (Housing Accts) Branch deals with issues relating to Parliament/Vidhan Sabha Question; VIP/ LG/ Ministry Reference; Compiling/ preparing of Budget/ Revised Budget; Preparation and compilation of periodic reports/ returns; Drafting of Agenda Items to place before the DDA Authority and to other higher authorities for implementation in respect of Housing Finance Wing.
  • Financial Adviser (Housing) also looks after banking arrangements for various housing schemes of DDA.