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About the Master Plan

A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments. A Master Plan includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for a site’s population, economy, housing, transportation, Community Facilities, and land-use.

  • The master plan consists of future directions of development, policy and implantation of the same.
  • It sets out how a particular area can develop and redevelop into the future. 
  • A high-level plan intended to set out objectives and strategies to manage development and change over time.
  • A process that defines what is important about a place and how its character and quality can be conserved, improved and enhanced.
  • Master plans can have an important role in determining the shape of the urban environment.
  • Master Plans generally prepare for 20 years of the horizon period.
  • So far, Delhi has witnessed 3 Master Plans, i.e., MPD 1962, MPD 2001 and MPD 2021.
  • Currently, DDA is preparing its 4th master plan for the year of 2041.