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Sr.No File No Title Issue date Documents
1 EM2(7)2018/Arbn./Vol.VIII/Empnl/DDA/1834 New List of Arbitrator Empanelment 04-Jan-2022

imageSize :2.44 MB

2 EM1(10)2019/EO-1/DDA/Circular/280 Implementation of policy for engaging Third Party Quality Assurance Consultants for various works of DDA. 31-Jan-2020

imageSize :554.46 KB

3 EM2(7)2018/Arbn./Vol.VIII/Empln/DDA/3377 Recent list of empanelled Arbitrators in DDA. 13-Nov-2019

imageSize :1.13 MB

4 EM1(10)/Cir./MSME/1177 Circular No. 672 09-May-2019

imageSize :1.38 MB

5 Em2(7)2018/Arbn./Vol.VIII/Empnl/DDA/880 Empanelment of arbitrators in DDA 02-Apr-2019

imageSize :939.16 KB

6 F.1(393)16/man/DDA/87 Circular 17-Jan-2019

imageSize :981.01 KB

7 EM2(7)2018/Arbn./Vol.VIII/Empnl/DDA/4399 Circular(Empanelment of Arbitrators in DDA) 28-Nov-2018

imageSize :907.12 KB

8 EM2(7)2017/Arbn./Vol.VIII/Pt./3823 Empanelment of Arbitrators in DDA 28-Sep-2018

imageSize :1.43 MB

9 No. EM3(09)13/DDA/Vol-II/Pt.III/Pt-I/1740 Regarding compliance of order of Hon'ble LG. 11-Jun-2018

imageSize :171.21 KB

10 F1(4)2016/CIR/Mon/DDA/1768 Circular dated 10.11.17 -Regarding severe air pollution situation in Delhi 10-Nov-2017

imageSize :956.5 KB